What We Do

BR FLOWERS ELECTRIC LLC have continuously provided top quality electrical services for residents, businesses and various industries. This has encouraged us to work harder to earn your trust and services.


Our expertise can help your business identify the simplist electrical fault and have you up and running in no time. We provide services for upgrades and improvements, specialty lightning, security and even help with your energy savings.


Got power issues at home? New construction or re-doing your ceiling or setting up a new media room? We can help with your electrical remodelling, hazardous wiring, system upgrades, lighting systems, network wiring and much much more.


Our team consists of trained and experienced electricians that can provide a wide range of services for any industry or that your specific industry might have. We can provide service for your power distribution and networking, system integration and process control, industrial equipment and systems. Call us for your specific need.


Our team of professionals can also provide and build any form of infastructre that you may require including power generators, data centers, telecommunications systems, office automation, etc. Schedule an appointment today and our friendly staff will scope and analyze your project.

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